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Creating a Podcast ...My Reflection on it

When I was producing a podcast on " How does the practice of gamification aim to enhance user motivation and/or engagement” in which l wanted to convey if gamification did enhance motivation and engagement and in what way it did.I chose to explore more on Kahoot! as l have had experience using tin the past.

One of the difficulties I encountered was structuring the content in a way that was both clear and consistent. I wanted to explore the effects gamification in learning without just adding my biased outlook on the topic. Because gamification is a complicated subject that involves a great deal of variety, it was challenging to determine how to organise the podcast in a way that would make it simple for listeners to grasp what was being discussed.

I explored journals which were scholarly and was trying to find ways to make the way l presented the information fun to find a solution to this problem, I began by outlining the primary topics that I wanted to discuss in the podcast. This was step one in the process. After that, I separated the information into chunks that made sense, and I made sure that the transitions between the various parts of the podcast were smooth and easy to understand. In addition to that, I made it a point to illustrate and provide instances so that the topics that were being addressed would be easier to comprehend for the audience.

Finding the appropriate tone for the podcast was another obstacle I needed to overcome. It was important to me that the podcast be interesting and instructive, but I also wanted to avoid giving the impression that it was overly serious or scholarly. To overcome this obstacle, I attempted to write in a manner that was more conversational and to incorporate narratives and personal examples so that the content would be easier to relate to though l did not want to overstretch the examples.

When presenting information from other authors, I discovered how important it is to carefully plan and select the relevant information by going through the process of preparing this podcast. I also realised the need of using examples and narratives when speaking to an audience to make the content more interesting and approachable.

Setting up the equipment and editing was another challenge as l was trying to cancel out the noise around me and ensuring that my voice was clear without wasting a lot of time with inaudible pauses and fitting the content in the 7 minutes as l had a lot to talk about !

I learnt that practising and rehearsing more made it better for me to be more confident in my presentation and l used prompts to help me stick to my points.

In general, producing this podcast was a tough yet gratifying experience, and as a result, I believe that I have developed valuable skills in research and editing skills. I hope that you like listening to it as much as I have enjoyed producing it!

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